Chairman/Managing Director Desk

Debabrata Nayak  (Born 0n 16/01/1975 ) is an Indian industrialist, investor, philanthropist, and a chairman of S.N.HOTELS & RESORTS PVT LTD , who serves as its chairman emeritus. He is well known for his business ethics .
He formed himself as a hotelier in the year 2004, formed a Star Hotel at Sankarpur named NEST . Within span of few year, formed again a luxury branded hotel at DIGHA in the year 2019  ..Till date, this is the best hotel at digha according to our guest .
He also take charge  over a family business is markedly different . In 2006 He came into business of Fishing , export of fish, to which soon gained prominenece in the southern  Market and also manage market with Neighbour States . Another milestone  setting up an FISH STORAGE  At Digha , which Commonly known as the Biggest Fish storage in Pan Bengal , Beside above He runs an Several ICE Factory , Fish Trawler  and  Petrol Pumps.

Beside an entrepreneur , he also marked as Social activist .  Giving Education and  Marriage to poor people is the common task among others …